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Great Things Continue to Happen at IVS!

Fall Registration is now open! IVS’ Consumer Economics Course has passed a Quality Matters review! Accessibility is an ongoing priority, so we can provide the best possible experience for all users. Click HERE to read a press release of everything that has been happening at IVS, recently.


Press Release: Illinois Virtual School Passes First Quality Matters Review

American Art: From Elite to Street  has passed a formal Quality Matters review and will now carry the QM logo as an officially approved course.

Illinois Virtual School cited as a state highlight for Digital Learning by pending presidential hopeful, Jeb Bush.

Jeb Bush’s think tank, ExcelinEd, pointed to the following as highlights of the digital learning progress in Illinois.

Illinois State Highlights

  • The Illinois Virtual School is the state virtual school with supplemental courses for middle and high school, advance placement, credit recovery with professional development for all Illinois teachers on reading, school nurse certification, Autism and PBIS.
  • Illinois Virtual School offers flexible enrollment with fourteen enrollment terms are built into the calendar.
  • Illinois districts throughout the state also offer online courses using their own district teachers.
  • Illinois Virtual School provides professional development in digital learning for teachers of blended or online courses.

Source http://digitallearningnow.com/report-card/state/2014/illinois-3/

His education think tank, ExcelinEd, released scores grading all 50 state’s digital learning efforts last week. The ratings are based off ten learning principles that were decided by a group of 100 education policymakers, leaders, and blended learning experts selected by ExcelinEd at a conference in 2010.

Eligibility, access,  personalized learning,  advancing,  quality content,  quality instruction,  quality choices,  assessment and accountability,  funding and delivery
Digital Learning Now identifies 10 elements of high-quality digital learning based on specific identified state level issues and policies needed to support the emerging models of next gen learning. Source: http://excelined.org/2014DLNReportCard/

Overall Illinois scored high on Quality Content, Quality Choices and Assessment and Accountability while noted to need the most improvement in the areas of Advancement, Funding, Delivery, and Student Eligibility and Personalized Learning.

Districts can work with Illinois Virtual School to improve on these areas by becoming a partner, and by working with local and state policy makers, or by supporting our advisory board.

To learn more about IVS visit>> ILVirtual.org

To view the full 2014 Digital Learning Report Card visit >>2014 DLN Report Card