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Only Half of U.S. Students Taking ‘College-Ready’ Courses


…”Despite all the emphasis being placed on “college and career readiness,” only about half of all U.S. high school students actually take the sequence of courses they need to be considered ready for college and careers, according to a new report being released today by the Education Trust.”

Click here to read the full article by Jamaal Abdul-Alim.


In the Mail: Happy Birthday Illinois Virtual School

Happy Birthday, computer screen with balloons.
IVS has turned 15!


On this first day of the “official” 2015-16 school year, I wanted to take a second to thank all of you for all of the work you do to get the show going during this time.  🙂

I realized that among the hubbub of yesterday, it was our BIRTHDAY!  We almost forgot our BIRTHDAY!!!!

On August 24, 2000, the Illinois State Board of Education approved a resolution which brought the Illinois Virtual High School (our predecessor) into existence.  Yesterday, IVS/IVHS turned 15 years old!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US!

Maria Gottschalk is the IVS Learning Management and Integration System Specialist. She has been with IVS/IVHS since it’s inception and continues to work with students, teachers, schools and families.

Seems like just last week, I was researching other online schools with Brad Woodruff, and in frantic phone calls with Phyllis Lentz from Florida Virtual trying to figure out how you did this thing called an online school.  That was long before platforms and integrations and text messaging. 🙂

We’ve come a long way….  When I stop to think of the tens of thousands of students in whose lives we may have made a positive difference, large or small, it’s just darned humbling.  We all have those memories and stories, kids or parents or teachers or principals for whom we were able to make a difference.  You guys, THIS is why we do what we do.  Well, that, and the fact that most of us are nerds and enjoy this kind of thing. 🙂

After receiving an email from our Director yesterday, I stopped for a second to realize….the number of Spanish enrollments for August alone is about THREE TIMES the size of our pilot semester back in Spring of 2001.  Wow.  Back then, we never thought it would be this big…we were just a few crazy thinkers busting out of our mental cubicles and trying to give kids more access to educational opportunities.

You guys…..  You are doing it!  You ARE making a difference!

I am proud of IVS and proud of us!  Now, let’s go have a great year!

Happy Birthday Smiles,

Maria Gottschalk

Learning Management Specialist

Announcing New IVS Full-service and Credit Recovery Courses for Summer and Fall!

Illinois Virtual School (IVS) is once again expanding options to meet the needs of Illinois students. IVS has had a long history of providing innovative and effective supplemental services to schools and families across Illinois in order to help guarantee access to high quality education for all public, private and homeschool students. IVS is proud to announce the addition of Physical Science and two electives to the Credit Recovery catalog for summer enrollment as well as Computer Concepts & Software Applications and Orientation to Health Occupations to the Full Service catalog. Both new Full Service courses are foundational courses required under ISBE’s College and Career Readiness CTE area matrices.

IVS will also be adding a full year Beginning Computer Programming course with plans to add an Intermediate Programming course later in 2016. These catalog enhancements are in direct response to school, parent and student feedback. In addition, many school districts are now requiring computer coding or training in information technology for their students; IVS is happy to fill these gaps for partner schools.



Available Starting:

Physical Science-Sem 1 Credit Recovery Immediately
Physical Science-Sem 2 Credit Recovery Immediately
College and Career Prep 1 Credit Recovery May 20
College and Career Prep 2 Credit Recovery May 20
Computer Concepts & Software Applications Full-Service Aug 25
Orientation to Health Occupations Full-Service Aug 25
Beginning Computer Programming-Sem 1 Full-Service Aug 25
Beginning Computer Programming-Sem 2 Full-Service Jan 7
Intermediate Computer Programming Full-Service TBD

In the past year IVS Credit Recovery has proven to be a very popular option, helping students stay on track towards graduation through teacher managed, self-paced prescriptive content. The IVS Credit Recovery program is now at fourteen courses including: American Literature, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Biology, British Literature, College and Career Prep 1, College and Career Prep 2, English 1, English 2, Geometry, US History and World History. The new Physical Science Credit Recovery course is available for immediate enrollment, College and Career Prep starting May 18. Credit Recovery remains at $70 per 10 week enrollment for the 2015-2016 school year.

Students ready to register
Visit http://ILvirtual.org to register.

For a complete list of IVS start dates visit the IVS website.

To explore our Full-service and Credit Recovery courses visit the IVS interactive course catalog.