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IVS Will be Attending The Back to School Legislative Retreat Sponsored by the Illinois Chapter of STAND For Children.

STAND For Children – Illinois has Invited Illinois Virtual School to attend a Legislative Retreat in the Chicago Area on September 14. IVS will be providing State Legislators with a virtual tour of an IVS Classroom to display our program’s ability to provide personalized learning to students from throughout the state. Click HERE to explore the IVS Website and see what we can offer your student.


Happy New Year from IVS!

There is still time left to enroll in the Jan. 5 and Jan. 19 full-service course start dates. Click HERE to view Illinois Virtual School’s course offerings. Students seeking credit-recovery courses can enroll and start at any time. Have a great 2017!

Last Days of Summer School

Is this how you feel on the last day of school? (Spongebob with a big smile)
Summer Terms Starting in April & May as well as June 2 end August 13. June 22 term ends August 17

Students in full-service summer terms today is the last day of class for terms which began 4/14, 5/5 and 6/2.  The 6/22 term ends on August 17.

Full-service students who need an extension should download and complete the IVS Extension Request Form