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Welcoming New IVS AP Microeconomics and AP Macroeconomics teacher- Amanda Foster

Amanda Foster comes from Carlyle, Illinois.  She received her bachelor’s degree from Southern Illinois University Carbondale in German and economics.  Mrs. Foster has been a substitute teacher for many school districts, both in southern Illinois and the Peoria area.  After moving to Peoria, she attended Lincoln Christian University, where Mrs. Foster received a master’s degree in organizational leadership.  Besides being a substitute, Mrs. Foster has worked in the catering and restaurant industry as a floor manager and trainer.  She and her husband, Ryan, have two children; Elizabeth two years old and Stephen 3 months old.  They currently live in Peoria Heights where Mrs. Foster takes her kids to the park almost daily and reads as much as two kids allow.  As part of their relationship agreement, the couple goes to see every super-hero movie as it comes out in theaters.

Mrs. Foster and Family
IVS welcomes Mrs. Foster to the Full-Service Business and Economics department Fall 2015.

Announcing New IVS Full-service and Credit Recovery Courses for Summer and Fall!

Illinois Virtual School (IVS) is once again expanding options to meet the needs of Illinois students. IVS has had a long history of providing innovative and effective supplemental services to schools and families across Illinois in order to help guarantee access to high quality education for all public, private and homeschool students. IVS is proud to announce the addition of Physical Science and two electives to the Credit Recovery catalog for summer enrollment as well as Computer Concepts & Software Applications and Orientation to Health Occupations to the Full Service catalog. Both new Full Service courses are foundational courses required under ISBE’s College and Career Readiness CTE area matrices.

IVS will also be adding a full year Beginning Computer Programming course with plans to add an Intermediate Programming course later in 2016. These catalog enhancements are in direct response to school, parent and student feedback. In addition, many school districts are now requiring computer coding or training in information technology for their students; IVS is happy to fill these gaps for partner schools.



Available Starting:

Physical Science-Sem 1 Credit Recovery Immediately
Physical Science-Sem 2 Credit Recovery Immediately
College and Career Prep 1 Credit Recovery May 20
College and Career Prep 2 Credit Recovery May 20
Computer Concepts & Software Applications Full-Service Aug 25
Orientation to Health Occupations Full-Service Aug 25
Beginning Computer Programming-Sem 1 Full-Service Aug 25
Beginning Computer Programming-Sem 2 Full-Service Jan 7
Intermediate Computer Programming Full-Service TBD

In the past year IVS Credit Recovery has proven to be a very popular option, helping students stay on track towards graduation through teacher managed, self-paced prescriptive content. The IVS Credit Recovery program is now at fourteen courses including: American Literature, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Biology, British Literature, College and Career Prep 1, College and Career Prep 2, English 1, English 2, Geometry, US History and World History. The new Physical Science Credit Recovery course is available for immediate enrollment, College and Career Prep starting May 18. Credit Recovery remains at $70 per 10 week enrollment for the 2015-2016 school year.

Students ready to register
Visit http://ILvirtual.org to register.

For a complete list of IVS start dates visit the IVS website.

To explore our Full-service and Credit Recovery courses visit the IVS interactive course catalog.