Spotting Fake News

You may remember an IVS blog post from January that described a National Public Radio story which told of a Stanford University Study that found that many middle school, high school, and college students cannot tell the difference between real and fake news. Because of that study, many schools have started taking action to teach students the difference between real and fake news. Click HERE to read a Boston Globe story by Johanna Seltz that takes a look at how some schools are now teaching their students how to spot fake news.


Teachers! Join IVS for Our Next Live PD Webinar: Cyberbullying.

Tomorrow night from 6:30-7:30, IVS will be hosting another live Professional Development webinar. This week’s topic is Cyberbullying. Click here to find out more and to register to attend!

Recent Studies Suggest Texting Parents Increases High School Student Success Rates

A National Public Radio story highlighting a recent study at Columbia University shows that automated text messages can help students succeed. Messages sent to parents that report student grades, overdue assignments, and absences help to increase high school students’ success rate by 39%. Click HERE to read or listen to the story.

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