Teachers – Transition to Blended Learning Experiences with Illinois Virtual School’s New Self-Paced PD Course!



Illinois Virtual School is thrilled to now offer you the Intel® Teach Elements Course Designing Blended Learning as a self-paced online course that allows you to progress at your own rate at any time without due dates!

In this interactive course, you will develop an understanding of blended learning, including what it is and how it benefits students. Through many examples, you will consider how to create a blended learning experience for your students and what to address when designing experiences.

For only $35, you have two months to successfully complete the course and earn 10 PD Clock Hours. Professional Development hours will be provided through the Peoria County ROE #48.

Register now at: https://pd.ilvirtual.org

Visit our Professional Development Portal at https://www.ilvirtual.org/pd for our complete list of professional development opportunities.

For more information, please contact Danielle Brush Lewis, PD Coordinator, at dlewis@ilvirtual.org





Looking Ahead to Spring


Winter is upon us, yet IVS is already thinking about Spring. Registration for Spring 2019 is open! January kicks off spring with two full service start dates: 1/3/19 and 1/10/19. You can find the rest of our monthly start dates on our Full Service Courses Page. Credit Recovery courses are available to start any day of the year.

Continuous Improvement

Our curriculum team has been busy updating and adding new courses to be ready for January. Highlights include:

  • American Literature – Semester 2
  • Anatomy of Physiology – Semester 2
  • Agriscience – Semester 2
  • German 3 – Semester 2
  • German 4 – Semester 2
  • Integrated Math 1 – Credit Recovery* (Full Year)
  • Introduction to Agriculture – Semester 2

* All Credit Recovery Courses will be updated starting in February

Transitional Math with IVS

The Postsecondary and Workforce Readiness (PWR) Act includes provisions for evaluating students’ math proficiency during junior year. Students who are shown ready can decide whether they want to take a math course during senior year. Students who aren’t ready can choose from three types of transitional math courses for 12th grade and the content of each course corresponds to the student’s career pathway of interest. Beginning the Fall of 2019, IVS will offer an online Quantitative Literacy/Statistics. We hope the course will help our partners successfully serve the remedial math needs of their students.

Have you checked out our new scholarship page?

IVS has established partners to bring course specific scholarship opportunities to students in Illinois. Learn about courses and requirements by visiting our Scholarships Page.

Illinois Virtual School has been the expert in Illinois online education since 2001. We have the experience to help you design a budget-friendly program to meet the needs of your students. Online? Blended? Credit Recovery? Core? AP? Summer School? Whatever you are looking for, ask IVS.

The Illinois State Board of Education established IVS as a supplemental online program, allowing students who are enrolled in a public, private, or home school to enhance their education through online courses.



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