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IN THE NEWS: IVS Was Recently Highlighted in Springfield’s News Channel 20 Story that Describes how Online Learning is Becoming More Common at the High School Level.

Rachel Droze, from Springfield News Channel 20, recently visited the IVS office to learn more about our program. IVS Director, Cindy Hamblin, sat down with her to talk about how IVS works, and to let her experience the online learning platform from a student’s point of view. Droze also visited Our Saviors Lutheran School and Lutheran High School in Springfield to get their take on how IVS provides supplemental learning opportunities for their students. Click HERE to visit the News Channel 20 Website and watch the video.


Illinois Virtual School Director, Cindy Hamblin, on How IVS has Increased Credit Recovery Student Success Rates.

The Virtual Learning Leadership Alliance Blog recently featured an article by IVS Director, Cindy Hamblin, that describes the actions IVS has taken to increase the success rate of Credit Recovery Students. The article details how logical changes IVS has made to the program have resulted in a 15% increase in student success for the reporting period of January 2017 to June 2017 (when compared to January-June of 2016).

Click HERE to read the the article: “Enhancing Support and Extending Time to Improve Credit Recovery Success”, and sign up for the VLLA Blog.



IVS Will be Attending The Back to School Legislative Retreat Sponsored by the Illinois Chapter of STAND For Children.

STAND For Children – Illinois has Invited Illinois Virtual School to attend a Legislative Retreat in the Chicago Area on September 14. IVS will be providing State Legislators with a virtual tour of an IVS Classroom to display our program’s ability to provide personalized learning to students from throughout the state. Click HERE to explore the IVS Website and see what we can offer your student.