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IVS is hiring!

IVS has current openings for teachers and support staff.

IVS has positions for teachers and support staff.
IVS has positions for teachers and support staff.

Coming off of the first half of FY15 with a 57% increase in enrollments means that IVS is growing by leaps and bounds.  We have a new position in customer service and we’re growing our applicant pool and our “teachers-in-waiting” program as well.  To learn more visit these links:

  • Customer Service job description and application.  Review of applicants begins May 29, 2015.
  • Interested Illinois Licensed Educators, receive training to join our application pool.  Visit our teacher employment site to begin the process.  Completion of the training is mandatory to be considered for our applicant pool.  Applicants reviews are ongoing as needs arise.  If a position opens in your area we look to the applicant pool and teachers-in-waiting before advertising the position, so its a good idea to complete the course even if we do not show listings in your content area currently.

IVS Student Presentation to Illinois Legislators at Tech 2015

As people better understand what the information age makes possible in the classroom, they realize that if students are to be successful in the 21st Century, they must have access to the latest technologies.

While schools continue to struggle with the growing costs of technology and limited outside funding, TECH 2015 gives our teachers and students a voice to influence their future and increase awareness of the importance of technology in schools.

At Tech 2015, students presented on their experiences with IVS at the Illinois State Capitol.
At Tech 2015, students presented on their experiences with IVS at the Illinois State Capitol.

Jennifer Kolar-Burden, Psychology Instructor and Coordinator of Curriculum for Illinois Virtual School, travelled to Springfield today with students from her classes to present their experiences with IVS to members of the Illinois General Assembly.  The event – Tech 2015 – seeks to highlight advancements in technology and digital learning and encourage legislative support for the learning opportunities of students across the state.

The students presented in the Illinois State Capitol and were visited by students, parents, teachers and legislators from across the state.

About the TECH 2015 Event — Demonstrations for Legislators in State Capitol

Since 1990, students and teachers have set up demonstration tables at the Capitol building in Springfield, Illinois to show elected officials, business leaders, and the general public how technology is being used in schools.

The TECH 2015 event strives to present classroom technology projects from across the state of Illinois. All schools and districts in Illinois are invited to apply to participate. Selected schools send teams of up to four participants to TECH 2015. School selections were made on the basis of the location of the school within the state, grade level, type of demonstration proposed and diversity in student learning styles.

Parenting today’s learner – advice from the teacher


Dear Parents,

The landscape of learning today looks a lot different than in did just a few years ago.  My oldest son went to a school without email and my youngest just had me sign off on his “Smart board rules and permissions” form. Regardless of how technically minded you are, there are some things which every parent should know and do to help their student be successful in school.

1) Check student progress.  In the age of web 2.0, you no longer have to rely solely on the note in the backpack to know how your student is doing.  The web has helped us work through the kinks in communication (aka my middle son who’s notes from the teacher never managed to make it to my hands).  Most schools now have an online progress monitoring Student Information System (Maestro, STI, Edline, or whatever your school portal is) there for you.  In…

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