Full-Class Implementation – How IVS Helps Schools Facing Teacher Shortages


Illinois Virtual (IVS) exists to complement the needs and goals of Illinois’ public, private, and homeschool students. We recognize our shared responsibility across the state to commit to equity, ensure all students are college and career ready, and have access to effective educators. Beginning two years ago, we responded swiftly to the teacher shortage challenges many of our partners were experiencing by releasing our Full-Class Implementation Model. Over these past two years, IVS has supported more than 2,000 enrollments from 25 partner schools across our great State within this model.

As we begin the 2019-2020 academic year, we continue to support and complement our partners facing the teacher shortage challenges. IVS, which was established in 2001, is ISBE’s statewide virtual school. Near 95% of the IVS instructors hold master’s degrees, including the majority who are subsequently employed full time at a local public or private high schools across Illinois. IVS can work with any district or school that anticipates a staffing shortage in a particular subject area or course to offer a custom learning solution that meets your needs. To learn more about how IVS might help you navigate the challenges triggered by the teacher shortage, please visit the IVS Full-Class Implementation Model solution webpage.

Level Up With IVS!


Your students are still leveling up with Mario but you can level up your students’ education experience with Illinois Virtual courses. Here is the latest curriculum news….

New courses:
ACT Prep
AP** Computer Science Principles (Semester 1 and 2*)
Biology – Honors (Semester 1 and 2*)
Civics – Credit Recovery
Civics – Honors
Geometry – Honors (Semester 1 and 2*)
SAT Prep

Updated courses:
Accounting (Semester 1 and 2*)
Algebra 1 (Semester 1 and 2*)
Anatomy & Physiology (Semester 1 and 2*)
Consumer Economics
Spanish 2 (Semester 1 and 2*)
All AP** courses have new review materials as well as Test Prep materials.

IVS has a full catalog to be explored including full service, credit recovery, core, honors, electives and Middle School. Visit the  IVS WEBSITE and COURSE CATALOG for more information.

Fall term start dates are:
August 15
August 22
September 5
October 1
November 5

Let IVS be the reliable and effective solution for your students. Click or call today!

*Semester 2 courses will start with the January 7 term.
**AP courses are offered the first three Fall terms.