Illinois Virtual School – Scholarship Opportunities


Students, did you know that IVS has three scholarships available for you during the 2019-2020 school year? Due to the generous support of three of our partner organizations, these scholarships are readily available for you to use beginning with our Fall term start dates. Our next two term start dates begin on August 15 and August 22; to access our entire calendar, please visit here.

The scholarships available include:

  1. Agriscience
  2. American Art History
  3. German I, II, III, IV
  4. Introduction to Agriculture
  5. Veterinary Science

If you have thought about trying an online course and have an interest in exploring one of the course titles above, we encourage you to take advantage of this great opportunity! Not only will you receive either a reduced or completely free tuition; your online learning also has other benefits:

  • As more colleges offer virtual learning, your experience taking an online course will help prepare you for the college environment. 
  • You will sharpen your soft skills. Taking an online course will challenge you to manage your time, problem-solve, communicate with your teacher using modern technology, and become a self-directed independent learner.
  • You will learn in a flexible environment putting you in control of your own learning.

To learn more, please visit our scholarship website page here.

Thank you to the following organizations for making these funds available and supporting the educational journey of our students:


Illinois Virtual School Mission:

“Illinois Virtual School complements educational communities by partnering to provide access to quality, innovative virtual learning experiences. With an emphasis on flexibility, personal support, and customized school solutions, we meet the unique needs of students and educators.”

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