VLLA–Providing Leadership in Online Learning Since 2009

Combining more than 150 years of online and blended learning operational experience, the Virtual Learning Leadership Alliance (VLLA) is an association of 14 leading innovative virtual programs in the United States. The VLLA aims to strengthen online learning through leadership, advocacy, expertise, and professional relationships. Illinois Virtual School (IVS) stands with pride among its alliance members. We work alongside them to be a national leader and voice including enhancing the quality of digital learning for students and promoting equity among all.

Consisting largely of leading state virtual schools, and several outstanding consortia, the member organizations serve well over a quarter of a million online course enrollments annually. As the image below depicts, we combine national expertise from geographic regions spanning from the North and South and from the West to East; what an awesome partnership!


Partnerships in today’s education are vital to the future of our students. By sharing together intellectual capacity and resources, engaging in authentic reflection and collaboration, we can achieve more on behalf of students than we can alone. Today, Illinois Virtual would like to thank our Alliance partners. Each of you has helped shape the online learning of today to position better the students of tomorrow. Each of you has raised awareness of how virtual learning solutions may transform positively the educational experience for some students. We value and appreciate you. We look forward to our continued partnership and our steadfast focus toward quality online learning experiences for students–experiences that just happen to be online…

-Kip Pygman, Director IVS

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