IVS is Proud to Introduce Our New Director, Kip Pygman!

As most of you are aware; IVS’ longtime Director, Cindy Hamblin, retired at the end of June. With that, the Peoria Regional Office of Education has replaced her with an exceptional individual who shined through a field of outstanding candidates. Please welcome Kip Pygman as the new Director of Illinois Virtual School.

Kip spent the first ten years of his professional career at Leyden High Schools, starting as a business instructor and serving in other leadership roles including an online learning coordinator and response to intervention director. Most recently, Kip was the inaugural director of the Expanding Learning Opportunities Consortium (eLo), where for four years he led an online learning consortium comprised of three Illinois school districts spanning seven high schools. Kip currently sits on the Board of Directors as the Vice-Chair for Walther Christian Academy and is a member of the Illinois PK-12 Digital Learning Advisory Council. Kip holds a Master of Educational Leadership from Concordia University and a Master of Educational Technology from Boise State University.

A message from Kip:

“What is the first action most people take when they sit down to dine? After engaging in a few minutes of small chat, most reach for the menu and explore the options.

  • How hungry am I today?
  • Do I feel like fish, meat, pasta, or poultry?
  • Does the menu have choices that meet my dietary restrictions?

We often gauge our dining experience by customer service but also by the diversity of the menu—assuming the quality of your meal meets your expectation. If you dine at a restaurant with limited options, you might become dissatisfied with your experience. On the other hand, when you explore a menu with a variety of options, your tablemates and you often comment on how impressed you are with that menu because it accommodates immediately your particular need or want.

Students today have an amazing variety in their on-campus learning menu, whether honors or advanced placement, career and elective, dual-credit courses, internships, etc. We, at IVS, are thrilled to help our partners expand and supplement their learning menu for students. By broadening further the variety inside the menus, such as online choices, we are empowering more students to make educational decisions that meet their needs with where they exist at a definitive point in time.

I get chills imagining the world of possibility for students when they are presented with such a vast array of educational choices. We look forward to continuing working alongside all of our partners, students, and families by providing them with these virtual learning opportunities. Together, we will pursue the positive difference we all aspire to achieve for our learners.”

Illinois Virtual School is honored to have such a distinguished online learning professional join our team and we look forward to working with Mr. Pygman to continue providing an exceptional online learning opportunity to students from throughout the State of Illinois.

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