IVS Is Ready For Summer!

summer school.jpg

Are you offering a Summer School program?
Interested in expanding student options or saving program dollars?
Consider making Illinois Virtual School (IVS) the Summer School Destination for your students!
Join Illinois’ top districts* and provide opportunities for your students to take online courses that:

  • meet core subject requirements, allowing room in the student’s fall or spring schedule for electives at school
  • offer an opportunity to recover credit from failed courses;
  • provide enrichment or expand a student’s personal interest, and
  • allow students to balance summer school with camp, travel or work.

IVS has been the expert in Illinois online education since 2001. We have the experience to help you design a budget-friendly program to meet the needs of your students.

The Illinois State Board of Education established IVS as a supplemental online program, allowing students who are enrolled in a public or private school to enhance their education through online courses.

CLICK HERE for more information.
*IVS serves 84% of Illinois’ top 25 high schools as reported by US News & World Report

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