In the News: Pilot Project To Help Students Connect On Snow Days

Students and teachers at both East and West Leyden high schools, presented with a snow day, may now participate in their classroom activities and assignments from home, without missing valuable learning time.

A new e-learning pilot project, set to start this month, will help keep students on schedule when it comes to their studies, instead of having to extend the school year because of a snow day.

Leyden High School Dist. 212 Supt. Nick Polyak recently announced the district is one of three Illinois school districts which are part of a new school pilot project called the “E-Learning Day Pilot” program. It allows districts to provide electronic instruction for students should schools be closed because of inclement weather or other emergency school closings.

West Chicago’s high school district and the Gurnee elementary district were also selected to participate in the three-year pilot program which begins this month.

“We believe an e-learning day is a better option than adding a day at the end of the school year,” Polyak said. “Traditional snow days become lost educational time for seniors who don’t return after graduation, and for our AP students who have to take their exams on the nationally set test days.

“We believe e-learning days reinforce the fact that teaching and learning are not confined to 48 minute class periods or physical classrooms,” Polyak said.

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