Meet Pam Shaw – IVS Music Instructor

I have been teaching Music Appreciation with IVS since 2012, not long after my arrival in Illinois. I moved to the Chicago suburbs in 2011 from Connecticut, where we lived for 9 years. Prior to that, we lived in the Dallas, Texas suburbs and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, where I grew up. My household consists of my husband, my son and daughter, my mother, my 33-year-old parrot, and multiple fish tanks.

In addition to teaching at IVS, I have several private violin, viola, cello, and piano students who come to my house for weekly lessons. I’m also an active volunteer at my children’s schools and play the violin in a local community orchestra.

Over the past year, I have added endorsements in K-12 Gifted Education and Middle School Language Arts to my teaching license. I also became a certified Quality Matters K-12 Course Reviewer and K-12 Publisher Course Reviewer, and completed my first official QM course review in October.

My favorite part of teaching at IVS is the opportunity to work with and get to know students throughout the state of Illinois. I also really appreciate the flexibility of online learning, because it makes it that much easier to tailor the coursework to my students and their individual needs and schedules.

Pam Shaw
Pam Shaw teaches Music Appreciation for IVS.

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