Don’t Forget Credit Recovery RollOver 1/1/2016

Illinois Virtual School works hard to provide the most current quality curriculum possible.  Each year the credit recovery courses are refreshed to update content and assessments.  The next credit recovery rollover will happen on January 1, 2016.

What this means for students and schools:Don't forget CR Rollover 1/1/2016

  • Students who do not successfully complete a course where they are enrolled on or before Dec 31 and are re-enrolled after January 1 will need to start the course over in order to complete as the content and assessments will have changed.
  • All students currently enrolled who successfully complete are unaffected.
  • Students who are currently enrolled and do not successfully complete the course may re-enroll prior to January 1 and will not be affected assuming they successfully complete that re-enrollment.

It is important that current students do their best to complete their current course load successfully so that they are not affected by the rollover.

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