Using Online Learning to Expand Course Offerings

The PROE Center: Inspiring growth, empowering minds. Peoria County Institute is March 20, 2015.
Peoria County Institute is March 20, 2015.

Join Illinois Virtual School March 20, 2015 as they partner with the PROE Center for the Peoria County Institute. The Institute is being held at the Peoria Civic Center.

Barb Closen, Director of Operations
Barb Closen, Director of Operations, “Virtual Principal”

Using Online Learning to Expand Course Offerings

Speaker: Barb Closen, Illinois Virtual School

Location: Peoria Civic Center

Targeted Audience: Guidance Counselors

Time: 8:15 – 10:30 am

Do you have students wanting to take a course not offered at your school, needing to receive credit, that are home-bound, or needing an alternative setting to graduate on time? Is your school wanting to promote summer school opportunities for students wanting enrichment opportunities or to get ahead to make room in their school schedule? Join this session to learn how a partnership with Illinois Virtual School (IVS) can expand your school’s course offerings. Participants will explore IVS courses (BYOD), learn the factors that help identify a student’s readiness to take an online course, discuss strategies to support a student taking an IVS online course, as well as, have the opportunity to discuss how online learning is, or could, work in your school.

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Expand Course Offerings with IVS

The Instructor Role in the Virtual Classroom

Cindy Hamblin, Director – Illinois Virtual School, shares expertise with the Virtual School Leadership Alliance (VSLA)

For many, the virtual classroom is difficult to understand without first hand experience. It is true that a virtual classroom does not have walls, rows of desks or an end-of-class bell BUT it does have the most critical component of any successful classroom, an instructor who is present and engaged with students.

As Director of the Illinois Virtual School (IVS), I regularly visit with district and school administrators, as well as community members around the state. A typical question is, “How does the online course work?” or “How do students interact with the instructor in the virtual classroom?”   I use this opportunity to share practices IVS has found to be essential for a successful online course experience. The instructor role is key.

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